No Rest For The Vick-ed

On returning home from the cinema last night (I’d been to see "Bourne Free" the heart-warming story of a woman who releases a domesticated CIA Agent into the wild) the local sports network was reporting an update on the Michael Vick legal Vick proceedings. I actually have some sympathy with Vick since I myself was heavily involved in the European dog fighting scene for a while in the late 1990’s (I was eventually beaten by "Muscles Mussolini" an Italian trained German-Shepherd, although I still maintain that his hind paw struck me below the belt). But I was still left to wonder what causes highly paid professional athletes to behave in ways that jeopardize their careers. I have therefore decided to dedicate this blog entry to an in-depth study of the psychological causes of this phenomenon. I shall present my case using detailed data from accredited independent research studies from all areas of the scientific community. I shall then go on to explain how environmental factors play a large part in the establishment of moral and social boundaries before examining,at length, the influence of hereditary genetics  coupled with lengthy quotes from "Epigenetic regulation of gene expression: how the genome integrates intrinsic and environmental signals" by Jaenisch R Bird.

Or maybe not.Maybe they are all just rich idiots.

On an unrelated matter I am again forced to predict a series defeat for the Diamondbacks in the upcoming series with the Braves. I say it again;defeat for the Diamondbacks.


One comment

  1. jerry

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, as I’m new to this, all feedback is welcome
    As for watching the dbacks, being Irish not sure a desert team fits in with where I live(raining here in Dublin right now, again)

    And so to Mr Vick, to put it simply, he’s a muppet and unfortunately he is not the only one. No need for any detailed psychological analysis, he is just a complete and utter ***** with more money then sense and is chucking his career away becuase he believed all the hype he was told all his life. Kinda sad in a way

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