Cy Byung

The Arizona Diamondbacks manager Bob Melvin said that he was delighted by the recent outing of star pitcher Byung Hyun Kim. "That’s exactly what we wanted when we signed him from the Marlins" said a smiling Melvin in a post Byung_2 game press conference. When asked if he was happy with Kim’s ERA of just over 23 since joining Phoenix Melvin couldn’t contain his excitement "Absolutely. With an ERA like that you are always in with a chance, all the hitters need to do is average 3 runs per innings and we should be comfortable, it’s up to the hitters to perform."

Melvin also expressed delight at Kim’s 17 pitch outing."That kind of outing is ideal" he said "with Kim getting one man out it was simply a case of the bullpen getting the other 26 ,it’s just a shame that in this case they blew their chance."

Were there no clouds on Melvin’s horizon? "We need to hang on to Kim" he said  "he is the future of this club and I’ll be urging the Front Office to meet any demands that he may have."


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