Reasons To Be Cheerful?

Maybe it was the self-satisfied gloating by Daron and Mark at the start of the game about what a great ball club the Diamondbacks are, and the constant talking Dury about close ups of fans with messages to Grace rather than the actual baseball, but I had a bad feeling about yesterday’s game from the get go.

It’s way too soon to be talking about this as a watershed moment but with a young team like Arizona the emotions seem to be magnified.When they are up they are up, and when they are down they are down (and when they are only half way up they are neither up nor down.) I’ve already written earlier about how streaky the team are and with a reasonably tough road trip coming up we could be on the verge of one of their down slides. Kim against Willis on Tuesday looks like being a Marquee match up (in the sense that that the total number of fans wanting to see it could fit into a Marquee) and if they can come out of this trip anywhere near .500 I would be more than happy.

It’s difficult to put my finger on why I’m still not confident of the team getting to the post-season (maybe I am just afflicted with a lingering sense of ennui) but they just seem to have a frailty in enough areas to stop them reaching that goal.

On the plus side at least we are not the hilariously slumping Dodgers, and even more positively I have the knack of being wrong about everything so……

"Summer,Buddy Holly, the working folly,Good Golly Miss Molly and boats…."


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