Eric the Red

It might not be good news for everyone but the Diamondbacks decision to sign Eric Byrnes to a 3 year deal makes perfect sense for the club,and almost perfect sense for the player. His popularity has redeemed the front office in the eyes of Eric the fans with regard to the letting go of Gonzo (which was the correct decision whatever Byrnes had done this season) but no matter how high the caliber and potential of the youngsters coming through, to rely on them completely would be ludicrously optimistic.

What Orlando Hudson brings to the infield so Eric brings to the outfield, and whilst it would be brushing against the hand of insanity to ever call Byrnes a "calming presence" he will at least be able to pass on his experience and attitude to the younger players in the same way that Hudson does.

The worry for some may be that the D-Backs will place all their emphasis on the youngsters leaving Eric out in the cold, but in reality the likelihood of Young,Upton and Quentin all performing at optimum levels throughout the whole of next season is remote. The versatility that Byrnes brings to the outfield will be invaluable, and, unless he has the mental capacity of the 5 year old he so often resembles in his enthusiasm and excitement, he will be aware of this too. He surely sees this as a great chance to play a part in, and influence the careers of some very good young players, whilst at the same time knowing that he himself will get plenty of playing time in a team that has the capacity to challenge for honors.

Of course the other possibility is that now that he’s seen the young players close up he knows full well that they are nowhere near good enough to replace him, and maybe the Diamondbacks Front Office know this as well, but that just gets me way too far into a Watergate style conspiracy theory, and the idea of Eric Byrnes as some kind of shadowy Deep Throat figure is too ludicrous to contemplate.

Incidentally in my excitement at the recent sweep of the Dodgers I forgot to predict the outcome of the series against the Pirates. I am therefore predicting the Pirates to win the remaining 2 games of the series (for those of you new to this blog,or the many more who have lost interest in my increasingly self-centered attempts to influence baseball results, I’ve got a kind of reverse psychology going on with the forces of nature,it’s very complicated but I will be releasing a series of reports and Venn diagrams later in the month which will fully justify my claims).



  1. Russell

    Kellia-thanks.My computer skills are clearly as finely tuned as my basbeall knowledge-but it does give the piece a certain mystique.

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