International Ambassador

Now that Barry has finally got to the 755 mark it would be nice to think that he will hit 756 as soon as possible so that we can be allowed to concentrate on Bonds20hero some great pennant races in all the divisions, instead of tuning in to see what has amounted to a traveling circus of media frenzy and fan adoration and abuse.

I’m fairly ambivalent about Barry myself, I know that he’s a great hitter but I also "know" that he has made himself greater through steroids, but I don’t let this fact cloud my judgment on the whole of baseball. Unfortunately,for MLB, the only time that baseball gets a mention in the press or on the TV here in the UK (apart from a brief piece on the World Series) is to talk about Barry, and this is always linked to the issue of performance enhancing drugs. Much the same as the Tour de France makes headlines because of it’s problems, so baseball is always associated with Balco and it’s like.

Just as it’s incredibly annoying when I’m in America to hear soccer constantly linked with crowd violence (and being boring) it’s equally annoying when I’m here to have baseball constantly linked with drugs.

If Bud and his friends are worried about the impact of steroid use on fan’s perceptions in America, they ought to be aware that, until the problem is resolved, any hopes of making the game genuinely "international" are non-existent.


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