Much as I am enjoying the fact that the Diamondbacks are having a far better season than expected I often think that the real enjoyment from baseball, and Simpsons_nelson_haha2 sport in general, is the enjoyment to be had at the failures of others. Few things are better in life than to see the followers of another team going through agonies whilst the uninvolved observer sniggers into his sleeve. These then are the best parts, so far, of other people’s pain.

The Yankees- Okay they are back in the race now, but how sweet it was to see the early part of the Yankees season. With Joe Torre doing more miles between the dugout and the mound than a Tour de France rider on speed (i.e. a normal Tour de France rider) and those great fans of theirs calling for the heads of everyone from Brian Cashman to the guy who sells the programs. If you thought that Yankee fans were bad when they were winning, how much worse they were when they were losing. The ideal future scenario is that they miss out on the plays off in the last game of the regular season due to a Rivera blown save caused by a Derek Jeter error.

The Giants– San Francisco are no longer a one man show. They are one man,period. Barry’s quest for the record seems to be ******* the life out of everyone and everything around him. Giants’ fans are reduced to the level of drug addicts, sitting through endless s**t desperate for that one great hit.Ideally Barry won’t hit another Home Run all year and then announce his retirement.

Bud Selig- It’s always great to see a professional sports administrator trying to come to terms with an ethical issue. Bud’s decision on whether to "be there for Barry" probably took up countless conference calls and public reaction surveys at MLB headquarters, but whatever he does will still be wrong, it’s the nature of the beast. The ideal resolution is that Bud Selig tests positive for drugs and Bonds publicly condemns his actions as detrimental to the game.

Briney Spears’ Meltdown- Not baseball related I know, but the last time that I saw Britney* she completely ignored me and I have to say that since then I have enjoyed her gradual decline (* admittedly it was the only time that I’ve seen her, and it was in an airport, and she was rushing to catch her flight, but I can bear a grudge). Ideally Britney will rediscover her muse and produce the album that cements her position as the "voice of her generation".


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  1. joseph

    The only reason I would want to see that Jeter scenario is because it would help demostrate that he is not good on D. The ideal scenario for me as a Red Sox fan is to see the Yankees get pounded by the Indians, Sox, Tigers in the short span coming up. Although the Indians rotation is set up I hear, where the Yankees will miss Carmona and CC. BS!

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