Look at that,Look at that.

I’m basing this on no empirical evidence or any kind of statistical analysis but the Diamondbacks seem to be the streakiest of teams this season. The current run of Streaker 6 consecutive games won is just the latest example of the team either blowing exceptionally hot or freezing cold. Personally I put this down to the young age of the team.

The Diamondbacks are essentially behaving like a teenage boy going through puberty, with periods of intense excitement and joy(usually due to the fact that a girl has looked at them) interchanging with periods of profound disillusionment and depression(usually due to the fact that a girl has not looked at them).

If we were to meet this team in one of their downturns it would probably be wearing a Metallica or Marilyn Manson t-shirt and muttering something incomprehensible about not being understood and how it was,like, the system that was,like,really f****d up.

But if we were lucky enough to meet it in it’s good phase it would be talking excitedly about traveling the world and volunteering on a really great project that will bring water to a small village in Sudan.

Let’s hope it’s foolishly idealistic phase lasts for a while yet, or at least surfaces at the right time in the future.

Incidentally, following my astonishingly successful "double-bluff" prediction that the Marlins would sweep the recent series, I am now genuinely predicting that the Braves take the up-coming series by two games to one.



  1. Kelly

    I think your communing with (or conning of) the universe needs to come to an end, and swiftly. Or… wait, I guess it’s in our favor if you beat up on the Braves. Con away.

    The Marlins are remarkably similar to the Diamondbacks, except they mirror the moods of an emotionally disturbed pubescent male. They fit into the “my rehab counselor doesn’t get me and the girl has not looked at me” category this week.


  2. Russell

    joseph-this blog entry was in no way intended to condone the music of Metallica or Marilyn Manson-funnily enough I have a very interesting story about Trent Reznor, but for legal reasons I cannot share it here.
    kelly-I’d like to help you out and predict a really bad week for the Marlins but I don’t want to push my luck.

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