It’s surprising how quick a little rain can clear the streets

As I made my way into work this morning passed the cars that had been abandoned due to heavy flooding I obviously spared a thought for the people of Phoenix _44010443_dan_williams stuck in that very hot and very dry place. But as I sat watching several people being dragged to their death by the swirling waters it also gave me the chance to ponder where the Diamondbacks were in their season. A few days ago I wrote that this was their "moment of truth", with hitting coach Kevin Seitzer sacked and the momentum seemingly leaving the club it seemed likely that by the end of the series against the Cubs we would know how the second half of the season would pan out.

So far it doesn’t look good. After a brief false dawn against the Padres the old woes seem to have returned, particularly in relation to the hitting.My sad little heart sinks every time the D-Backs get a runner on third with one out as it can pretty much be guaranteed that this will be followed by a pop-up and a strike-out (I actually have a very good pop-up blocker on my PC that maybe the D-Backs should look at investing in). Now they face a streaking Cubs team in a series that they at least need to split in order to look back at this road-trip with some semblance of satisfaction. Brandon Webb needs to prove that he is the ace of the staff tonight (his last few starts have been exercises in giving his team "a chance") and pitch his best stuff.

Luckily the Padres and Dodgers have not got too far ahead but the team need to get that elusive momentum back before all the talk reverts back to what a good team they will be "next year".



  1. Kellia

    Byrnesie stole his 24th base today but he was left at second, as he was earlier after a double. He was left at third twice the other day. Methinks he should consider stealing home, on the principle that if you want anything done right, you have to do it yourself. I’d prefer he drive himself in with home runs. He has to get homer happy quickly if he is to have any chance at 30/30 this year.

  2. Russell

    Matt-a new word for me,I will try and use it often.

    Kellia-it was the same old story against the cubs I’m afraid.

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