The Girl Done Good

Within literally hours of my championing her on this site the rookie blogger Alyssa Milano has picked up a much deserved award. Can I take all the credit for this? Certainly. Will I take all the credit? Of course not.For the amount of work Champagne Alyssa puts in she deserves her time in the sun. I was also delighted to see that the good people at MLBlogs heeded my advice and gave her some space on the front page,hopefully this won’t be a one off and they will continue to promote her throughout the rest of the season.

To emphasize how delighted everybody at "Arizona via Slough" is about this news, we have even delayed the publication of our world exclusive story about the Khmer Rouge.



  1. Matt

    Wow. The power of MLBlogs to lift people up is astonishing. I just hope she doesnt forget where she came from.

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