Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Over at the excellent Marlins blog Hook,Line Drive and Sinker it’s author Kelly has recently been trying to divert his attention away from the plight of the Marlins to bemoan the lack of his favorite team’s gear being available through the *touch* ’em all brand of clothing. For those of you who don’t know, this is a range of clothing designed by somebody called Alyssa Milano, and hopefully in the coming weeks MLBlogs will give some much needed publicity to this excellent brand.

Pmlb23700675dt Luckily however female Diamondback fans are not in the same unenviable position as those who follow the Florida fish, as a quick glimpse at the website indicates a plethora (two) of choices for the girl about town who wishes to demonstrate her support for the boys in red.This also gives me the opportunity to review this struggling young designers outfits for the benefit of the many females who read this blog, and the men looking for a special gift (perhaps to make up for that drunken night last week when you were sick on the kitchen floor?).

Anyone who has read the "about" section of this blog will know that I am uniquely qualified to comment on this subject as I was the fashion editor of "London Vogue" for over 3 years in the mid 90’s (my tenure only coming to a premature end due to a much regretted incident involving Naomi Campbell and a policeman’s helmet). Here then is the inside scoop on "what’s hot" and "what’s not" in the *touch* ’em all range (incidentally *touch* ’em all is an incredibly annoying phrase to type).

The cream of the crop is undoubtedly the women’s Modal Spaghetti top (for anybody who doesn’t know what "modal spaghetti" is, it’s very similar to last year’s "temporal cannelloni" but with a little something extra added ).If I had to sum up this item in one sentence I would say that it is essentially a "vest with a Diamondbacks logo on the front."

The second item is the Women’s baseball top a beautiful combination of both black and white that says so much not just about the game of baseball but about the world we live in. If I had to sum up this item in one sentence I would say that it is essentially a "long sleeved top with a Diamondbacks logo on the front."

Two items,but so many different ways to wear them!

During the course of my intensive research into this article (which I later hope to turn into my first novel) I have found out so much more about Ms Milano, for example, there are many images of her on the internet that I frankly found shocking and,for her own protection, I have downloaded them onto my own computer, thus removing them from the public eye. She is also a self-proclaimed "humanitarian", details are sketchy but I have no doubt that she is a force for good in the world.

Please try and support her in all her work and hopefully in the coming months more Diamondbacks gear will be available. I, for one, cannot wait.



  1. Kellia

    Bravo! And also nice to have the international perspective on these matters. For all our world leadership in other matters such as high technology, and making war unnecessarily, illegally and under false pretenses, we Americans still need the guidance of sages in Paris, Milan, and Slough to know what is fashion forward.


  2. SomeBallyard

    As I’m sure you are more than congnizant, when you are stooping to “baseball” “fashion” you aren’t just licking the bottom of the barrel, you are ******* the spigot, pictures of which I’m sure you’ve already (thankfully) protected us from.

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

  3. Matt

    Incredible how someone like you finds neat stuff at your “Internet Service Provider (ISP)” & then “shares” it with an appreciative world.

    In the blink of an eye, this Melissa Aylano will have “hits”, and with any luck, could even be famous.

    Powerful stuff.

  4. Kellia

    Maybe I’m just not “girly” enough, but I would rather have an authentic Byrnes jersey than a modal spaghetti/temporal canneloni vest.

    (I don’t wear pink baseball caps, either).


  5. Kelly

    I too have always vehemently opposed the production of pink ball caps (until an MLB team actually adopts “pink carnation” into its color scheme, the offending millinery should be banned from ballparks). I may, however, have to reconsider my stance to avoid gender misidentification in the future. Apparently I am the one who is not girly enough.

  6. Russell

    Kelly-I apologise profusely.Perhaps a few flower motifs added to your website would clear up any misundertanding?

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