Moment of Truth

Maybe the All Star break will be the defining moment of the Diamondbacks season. With Kevin Seitzer replaced there is now the chance to determine if it was him who was not right for the job or the hitters he was coaching.

Seitzercard Let’s face it, if the likes of Drew,Jackson,Young and co. don’t improve their stats over the second half of the season then we are faced with one of two unpalatable scenarios; either these young guns that the franchise is depending on are not the saviors that they have been made out to be, or the Arizona Front Office are just really really bad at picking coaching staff. Neither one of these would bode well for the future.

Other bloggers have made the point that so many players have come into the team this year and for the first couple of weeks have been hitting like they were swinging at a beach ball only for their numbers to drop once they had settled into the side. We can only hope that the problem was indeed Mr Seitzer and that the changes made will rectify the situation.

My personal feeling is that the whole team needed a shake up of any kind just to get their arses into gear, as the overall impression was one of quiet satisfaction at a job reasonably well done, which,in sports is as good as rolling over and playing dead.   

A statement of intent needs to be made against the Padres before a pretty tough road trip, and I suspect that by the time the Marlins come to Chase Field we’ll have a pretty good idea how the rest of the season is going to pan out.


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  1. Matt

    Your comment about “an overall impression…of quiet satisfaction” surprised a bit. I frothed about this very thing @ the 2006 A/S break, but dont sense quite that same self-satisfaction this year – at least not from Bob Melvin’s comments.

    You may be right though – young players who say the right thing but are inwardly thrilled just to be in the bigs. I guess I do see some of that now that yu mention it; the way some kidz tend to overreact to April/May successes. It’s fair to say none of Bob’s teams have reacted well to that type of interim “success”. Not yet anyway.

    Oh, and thanks for the link! I learned a great deal about arses 😉

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