Life in a Northern Town

My work has taken me to Philly, but when I get back I’ll be meeting up with Big Mikey at Sofia’s for prosciutto and….Sorry I seem to have been taken over by the spirit of Bleeding Pinstripes for a moment. My work has actually taken me to Leeds.  Millennium_square_small 

A city most famous for a ridiculously profligate football team and, of course, the Kaizer Chiefs (actually I meant the Kaiser Chiefs).

Anyway, since I wrote an entry stating that the D-Backs are exceptionally good at winning one run games they seem to have done nothing but lose one run games, so in the future I will keep my big mouth shut.

A short blog entry because I intend to sample the famous "bar culture" that Leeds is renowned for, so if I post a later blog in which I say that "I love you and you are my best friend" please send me straight to bed and tell me to drink lots of water.

I shall try to keep in touch with the baseball scores from this poorly run city centre hotel.


One comment

  1. Matt

    I say “leashes”,
    You say “leads”.

    I say “lushes”,

    You say “Leeds”.

    Your lorry, My “auto”,

    To-MAY-To, to-MAH-to,

    Let’s call the whole thing off!

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