Player Profile #1: Chad Tracy

Welcome to the first in an occasional series in which we go behind the scenes with your favorite Diamondbacks players. Get to know the man behind the stats.

I flew over to meet Chad in his luxurious St Louis home ( a little known fact is that Chad is the only player in MLB to own a house in every major league city)and we chatted about his season so far and what he likes to do in his down time.

Tracy02 Chad admitted that he would liked to have hit more home runs by this stage of the season but expressed his outrage that he had not been included in the All-Star line up. "These people voting for this thing are idiots" he fumed "they wouldn’t know a good baseball player if he came up to them and bit them on the ***". Whilst he vented his anger by punching one of his beautiful yellow velor cushions I took the opportunity to take a tour of his 20 million dollar house. Who says baseball players have got no taste? I can only imagine that with these exquisitely chosen combinations he employed an interior designer to get things just right. He denied this vehemently "Why does everybody assume that I have no taste!?" he screamed "These interior designers are idiots! Absolute idiots!"

In an effort to calm him down I steered the subject towards the off season. What does he like to do with the inordinate amount of time he gets off every year? "I like to go to Africa to see the wild animals" he said "there is something about the beauty and grace of the African plains that transcends what we as mere mortals can understand". I added that I had been on safari last year and was fortunate enough to see a lioness with a new born cub. Before I had time to think, Chad had thrown one of his cut glass vases into the Victorian style fireplace " I hate lions" he howled " they are idiots, complete idiots".

I decided that it was time to take my leave. But what a lovely time I had had meeting this professional athlete who had invited me into his home to discuss his innermost thoughts. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to pass on my advice on how to improve his play in the field, or to question why he has never really developed into the power hitter that he seemed destined to be, but that is for another day, and as I walked down his Italian stoned driveway with only the sound of the birds singing and Chad smashing furniture in the conservatory, I again realized what a charmed life we all lead.



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