The 1832 Reform Act

The Representation of the People Act 1832, commonly known as the Reform Act 1832, was an Act of Parliament that introduced wide-ranging changes to the electoral system of the United Kingdom. According to its preamble, the act was designed to "take effectual Measures for correcting diverse Abuses that have long prevailed in the Choice of Members to serve in the Commons House of Parliament".Reform1832

In other words "the voting system ******". Tiny little villages were electing more members of Parliament than the new industrialized cities, and the voting system was incapable of producing either what the general population wanted or the best men for the job.

Fast Forward 175 years and the subjects of William IV’s Britain would have had no problems in recognizing the iniquities of the All-Star voting process in present day America. Mass voting by individuals, powerful clubs campaigning for their men with the ruthlessness of a factory owner,the result as good as decided before the voting has even started.

The All Star Game is a bizarre anomaly that is no longer fit for purpose. It’s not the best players that get chosen it’s the best known. Individuals are not chosen because they are performing well within a team, they are chosen because they are performing for a team with a large fan base; and does anybody really care about the result? I mean really care?

If it has to continue then selection should be based on the cold hard stats that a player has amassed during the season, but in truth it should be scrapped completely,replaced with games between countries or to allow more time for the regular season to be completed.

It has been said that the 1832 Reform Act made the British parliament "more liberal and progressive in its policy than the Parliaments of old; more vigorous and active; more susceptible to the influence of public opinion; and more secure in the confidence of the people" When was the last time somebody said that about the people who run Major League Baseball?



  1. SomeBallyard

    Welcome to America, where actors become president and “actesses” rule the national pastime.

    I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the all-star game, for precisely the reasons you so deftly apply. Perhaps we need a “Glorious Revolution” in baseball.

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

  2. Russell

    joseph-I’m actually sure that lots of people do care-but as someone who didn’t grow up on it, it just seems to be what in English sport we call a “friendly” i.e. we don’t really care if we win or lose, we just don’t want our best players to get hurt

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