The End of an Empire?

History was made on Tuesday night in Phoenix when the Diamondbacks ended a 9 year losing streak against their colleagues in expansion, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Since the two teams entered the majors their fortunes could not have been more different, with the seemingly unbeatable Florida outfit dominating the leagues in a manner that some commentators are calling "bad for baseball".. The teams Principal Owner Stuart Sternberg has always remained unrepentant about his teams domination, saying that it was "up to other teams to try to catch us up".

Nevertheless the recieved opinion is that a challenge to the Devil Rays would be a good thing,and despite the desparate 10th inning comeback nature of the D-Backs victory, there is at last some hope that the Devil rays can be matched.

Certainly here in Europe television schedules were interrupted by the news of Chris Young’s walk off home run, and footage has been shown constantly on the big screen in London’s Picaddily Circus. The BBC’s World Affairs Editor described it as "the shot heard around the world", and as Tony Blair begins his last week in office an official Downing Street spokesman said that he was said to be "quietly optimistic" that this could be the beginning of the path towards the downfall of the Devil Rays. For once the Moslem world was united with the West, with delighted Pakistani baseball fans burning an effigy of the Devil Rays Senior Baseball Advisor, Don Zimmer.

Joe Torre, Manager of the brave little New York Yankees said on CNN that "this result has given us all hope, the Devil Rays have been in our Division since they began and given their wealth and power it was obvious that the sport would become an issue of them and us.At least now we know that they can be beaten".

Tonights third game of the three game series is being watched intently, as some experts have predicted that if the Devil Rays were to lose the series this could result in the overturning of the established order in the United States as citizens begin to question their government imposed pre-conceptions of such things as the "War on Terror" and the "Designated Hitter". Odds have shortened drastically on Tim Robbins being the new self-appointed President by Friday.

The world waits.

Enjoy the game


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