Hey Chad, Lookout That Guys Throwing Something At  You

Despite Chad’s decision in the bottom of the 9th to try to catch the ball like a 7 year old girl named Tracy rather than a highly paid professional athlete named Tracy, the D-Backs managed to sweep Baltimore and put that ugly series in New York behind them. How much that was down to the hitters getting hot or the kamikaze like Oriole bullpen is a moot point.Bring on the Devil Rays!

From a personal point of view these East coast day games are a Godsend, it means watching the game whilst the sun is still out instead of dosing myself on lethal amounts of caffeine and those pills I got from my doctor.

It also means that I can have several games on the computer at once and thus pretend that I am in an American sports bar. I do this by force feeding myself chicken wings and blasting out an episode of "Two and Half Men" on the TV to give the illusion that I am sitting next to a very loud and not very funny Charlie Sheen-alike (a common occurrence on my visits to the US). Actually, Charlie Sheen-alike has a very nice sound to it if you keep saying it over and over again.Try it. He does.

Let just hope that Chad does some work on his catching, my mother could do better than his last effort.

Enjoy the game.


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