The Blogging Community

In this post I intend to analyze why the culture of blogging has become such a phenomenon, and why it’s impact on the way we view ourselves and our community has been so widespread. Or I could just try to sum every teams networks of blogs in a sentence? What would their motto be? That sounds like more fun. I’ll do it in alphabetical order which handily means that the D-Backs start us off;

Arizona- "We have serious issues about our grip on reality,and I mean serious"

Atlanta- "We’re still the best team in the NL East-no really we are"

Baltimore- "Actually, we’re not that bothered"

Boston- "We’re not romantic losers anymore we’re hard nosed winners (but secretly I wish we were romantic losers again)"

Chicago Cubs- "We were robbed by the umpire/weather/ourselves/a curse"

Chicago White Sox- "We used to be so good,now everyone must go"

Cincinnati- "I started blogging in April but I’ve been really busy"

Cleveland- "What really matters is that we’re not getting enough players in the All-Star game"

Colorado- " Of course, the Rockies are only my second team"

Detroit- "I’ve always been a really big fan, even when they were losing"

Florida- "Our name has got a fish in it’s title"

Houston- "We only update our blogs if we speak Spanish"

Kansas City- "I honestly think that we can turn this around"

LA Angels- "We take the game very seriously-here are some stats"

LA Dodgers- "I really want to sell you some stuff,but I also have links to very worthwhile charities"

Milwaukee- "We will analyze every performance of every player every day"

Minnesota- "We should be doing better than this,shouldn’t we?"

NY Mets- "We have lots of blogs,some updated as recently as September 2006"

NY Yankees- "I really wish I was in an episode of The Sopranos,but I’m not"

Oakland- "We have recipes on our blogs"

Philadelphia- "We love a good pun"

Pittsburgh- "We are self deprecating and therefore not really proud of it"

St Louis- "We love the Cardinals,but we hate the Cubs more"

San Diego- "I think that we are a good team, but not that good"

San Francisco- "We care about art and culture too"

Seattle-"This good run can’t last"

Tampa Bay- "Why does everything always go wrong for us?"

Texas- "We don’t care how bad our team is, we’re gonna keep blogging"

Toronto- "If we were just in a different division everything would be fine"

Washington- "We base our blogs on the Declaration of Independence"

I think that that is a fair and balanced summary of the situation,but lest I be accused of not giving out praise where it is merited (both my wife and her sister say that I can be very critical) here are some bouquets.

Most knowledgeable fans- Milwaukee Brewers

Nicest fans- Pittsburgh Pirates

Most Surprisingly Prolific fans- Texas Rangers

Most Boring blog-any by an official or "TV voice" of any organization

I know that the last one wasn’t a bouquet but i think we all know that it’s true.

Nothing for the Diamondbacks I’m afraid, except maybe some psychometric testing might be in order.

Enjoy the game.




    very nice idea! summarizing the feel of each team’s fan blogs

    ‘Boston- “We’re not romantic losers anymore we’re hard nosed winners (but secretly I wish we were romantic losers again)’

    -spot on!

    ‘NY Yankees- “I really wish I was in an episode of The Sopranos,but I’m not”‘

    -don’t quite understand this one

    ‘Most Boring blog-any by an official or “TV voice” of any organization’

    -any examples? lol


    Ping laugh in great knowledge…excellent post on D*Backs…that Left Field Line Lady off the rocker!!!

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