Thank the Lord for the Baltimore Bullpen

After being swept by the Yankees and with RJ on the DL the D-backs really really needed those two big innings against the Orioles. I will stake my career on the prediction that the boys in red are once again as right as rain and twice as fashionable.

It’s also good to see that there is a witch hunt against Giambi. Nothing says professional sport as much as seeing one scape goat being hung out to dry to mask the problems of the whole game. I say, let him burn and use his fat for soap!

In other news, Britain has been struck by floods this weekend although thankfully not in the ultra-fashionable area of the country that myself and my wife inhabit. In fact ourselves and our neighbours actually pay the rain to fall on the less salubrious parts of town. This has the added benefit of cleaning the locals.

Enjoy the game.


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