I’ll Tell You What I Want

A fantastic story from Los Angeles! The news wires across Great Britain are buzzing with reports that Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) has thrown out the first pitch at a Dodgers game. Of course, on this particular blog there is a sense of disappointment that this breakthrough couldn’t happen at a Diamondbacks home stand, but let us not be churlish; we should congratulate our NL West companions on their historic achievement.

Whenever Ms Beckham graces a sporting event there is the reassuring knowledge that sport, and sport alone, is the winner. Who can forget her tears of sorrow when her beloved David was taken injured from the field in last years soccer World Cup? Who can forget the dazzling ensemble she wore for David’s arrival in Spain to play for Real Madrid? Who can forget those (at the time) revolutionary sunglasses that graced many an Old Trafford game?

Certainly not me, and certainly not my dear wife, who cried real tears the day it was announced Britain’s favourite style icon was crossing the Atlantic.Now we can both relax as the bigger picture becomes clear. This is not a washed up pop star desperately moving to a new country to revive a flagging career. This is a mission, this is a woman telling a nation not to turn in on it’s self, but to look outward and forward.You see years ahead of battling with the problems of global warming and immigration, she sees Rodeo Drive and ..er..Rodeo Drive.

When Paris gets out of the pen she’ll find that there’s a new kid in town.And watch out Alyssa! If the lady Beckham starts her own baseball blog who knows where it will end.

Enjoy the game.


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