If the Diamondbacks were a Band

Last night as we were finishing off our steak and kidney pie in our local ale house my wife turned to me a and said "Russell, if the Diamondbacks were a pop group which one would they be?" I immediately replied "The Kinks circa Village Green Preservation Society" but this was purely out of panic at being asked a question I was unprepared for. I thus withdrew my original answer and began to think about the problem in more detail. Obviously the ridiculously overrated Dodgers were Queen, and equally obviously the dull but efficient Padres were Coldplay, but which popular beat combo were the sonic eqivalent of my beloved Diamondbacks?

Slowly it began to dawn on me; successful but not to a great extent, known but not well known, expensive to see live but never sold out, very good at what they do without really getting the credit. All the boxes seemed to be ticked and I was satisfied in my mind that if the Diamonbacks were a band then they would be Counting Crows

I was thus able to leave my darling and engage in an invigorating game of shove ha’penny with the locals whilst putting to the back of my mind that The Rolling Stones had beaten us last night with two more games left in the series before we were back on the road to take on Hootie and The Blowfish.

Enjoy the Game   


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