The New York Yankees

The Diamondbacks take on the mighty Yankees tonight and whilst I know that the popular view is that they are the epitome of all evil I see more them more as the sporting equivalent of modern day Russia;a once mighty empire clinging to the remnants of faded glory with bluster and pageantry. This doesn’t mean that they can’t still hurt you or punch above their weight but today they deserve respect but not fear.

In my mind this casts the Diamondbacks as plucky Estonia for this 3 games series, bravely fighting to overturn decades of history in which the once mighty behemoth dominated the landscape like a Kraken rising from the waves.

I could go on about how the Dodgers are Germany and the Giants Portugal but my wife tells me that my fish and chips are ready.

Come on little Estonia give that Russian bear a bloody nose!

Enjoy the game.


One comment

  1. Kenn

    Who got the bloody nose?
    Read my blog: Kenn’s Korner to see why the Yankees are important to baseball (and I’m not a diehard Yankees fan).

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