Finally a Post About Arizona

My legions of fans have been contacting me over the last couple of days saying "Russell, impressed though we are with your insightful knowledge of the game of baseball as a whole, this is ,after all, a Diamondbacks blog so how about a post about our beloved boys in purple red.

So here it is; I sat down with my wife and made a list of all the things I love about the Arizona Diamondbacks.

1) They began with a tight fiscal plan to recruit young players on small salaries and gradually build into a competitve franchise.

2) After one year they threw this plan out of the window and spent money that they couldn’t afford on players they couldn’t afford to pay (this is very similar to the system I use when dealing with credit cards)

3) Their stadium has a pool

4) Their stadium is air conditioned

5) For somebody who grew up watching English soccer with it’s wonderful fans this is nothing short of some Wellesian future Utopia

6) They win occasionally

7) Even when they lose there  are men bringing beer to your seat (and candy floss, and Krispy Kremes, and something else that I’m not totally sure what it is)

8) The police outside Chase Field help you to cross the road (at English soccer games they video you from inside a van)

9) Their stadium has a roof (why does a team that never sees rain need a roof?)

10) They introduced me to the charms of Old Town Scottsdale with it’s exorbitant prices and it quaint shops.

Who could want more from a sports team? (franchise)


One comment

  1. Kellia

    Their stadium has a roof (why does a team that never sees rain need a roof?)

    Because roofs are also useful to block the sun, which is outrageously hot in Phoenix. In baseball, the only thing that should be over 100 is a fastball.


    Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes

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