Hello and Welcome

Greetings from sunny Slough fellow Diamondbacks fans. You are no doubt proud to be reading the inaugural blog of that rare animal; a British baseball fan. Before I start astonishing you with my quite frankly shocking ways in which the game could be improved (e.g.kicking the ball into nets) let me at least quickly explain how I got into the game in the first place. Myself and my first wife (I call her that to keep her on her toes) were holidaying (you may prefer the term vacationing) in South Beach (which is overrated) in the year that the Marlins won the World Series (1997). Obviously this was on in every bar that we went in to (and we did go into a lot of bars) and I remember saying to my wife "I say old bean this game with sticks and balls seems rather smashing" So I decided to choose a team to follow. At the time I decided that I couldn’t choose the Marlins as they were obviously the mighty force within the game and siding with them would be what we call in England "Glory Hunting" so I decided to go with an expansion team, which reduced it to the D-backs or the Devil Rays. I concluded that the Arizona outfit had the better name and plumped for them. The rest is history (admittedly not very well known history but history all the same).

In the coming months (or until I get bored)I hope to bring you my views on God’s summer game and hopefully in some miniscule way entertain you, and even more importantly meet Alyssa Milano at what I imagine is the glittering "Bloggies" award ceremony in Los Angeles.

I look forward to sending a further missive to the colonies in the near future (hopefully with more baseball content).

Enjoy the game.


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